Dual Sim Flip

0.3 MP

Dual Sim



MP3 & mP4

voice record

1000 mAh

sD card

emergency button

speed dial keys



fm radio

number announcement



Dual Sim

Two phone numbers? NSP 2300 can handle them both!

Battery 1000mAh

With 230 hours of Standby time, you will forget where you had left your charger!

With FM radio receiver included, no handsfree needed!

Enjoy your favorite music using our mp3 player.

Up to 32GB expandable memory and you are free to load all your favorite music and photos!

with sos button

Send 5 messages and make a call, by pressing only one button! The SOS button can help you when you are in danger!

Incoming or outgoing call…? Your phone will announce you the number!

Use the two speed-dial keys NSP 2300 has, to have instant access to your two most called contacts!

If it’s your decision to be kept in the dark, keep doing so… but if it’s not, just use NSP 2300.

Transfer the files you need, as soon as possible!