New Bluetooth speaker “clip on headset” from NSP.

It comes with the state-of-the-art Bluetooth v5.3 version to take your audio experience to the next level while also reducing power consumption by around 40%.

It has a vibration-anti-theft alarm so that if it moves 10 meters away from the device it is connected to, then the bluetooth will start flashing and vibrating to notify you in time. Also with the vibration function you will not miss any call even if your mobile is in silent mode.

The cable with a total length of 40 cm is very easy to use, the reset of the cable is done simply with a button and is very fast thanks to its sophisticated mechanism.
We should also note that in addition to the clip for support on a shirt-t-shirt, it also comes with slots for a rope-neck strap.

With the touch of a single button you can make phone calls, reject an incoming call and redial the last number that called you.

In addition, the power display function it has enables you to monitor the Bluetooth battery level from your mobile screen.

Clip headset foldable
Bluetooth version v5.3
Vibrate on incoming calls
Ability to connect to 2 devices at the same time
Anti-theft alarm with vibration and red and blue light indicators
100mAh LiPol rechargeable battery
Standby Time: 200 hours
Speech Time: 10 hours
5.5cm height, 2.5cm length, 1.3cm width, 0.019g weight

The package includes:
Two (2) extra “pads” (small/large) to replace it with what you need
One (1) USB TYPE-C cable for charging
Instructions for use in Greek & English

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