With the new Bluetooth headset NSP BN400 you will experience unparalleled ease of use and upgraded communication like never before. It is equipped with Bluetooth v5.0 wireless technology which allows it to operate within a range of up to 10 meters from where your smartphone is located, while the rechargeable battery it has promises unprecedented endurance, up to 5 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time. In addition, the power display function it has allows you to monitor the Bluetooth battery level from the screen of your mobile phone! Places with extreme ease and comfort, either with or without the ergonomically designed hook behind your ear. Interchangeable in each ear keeping sound quality constant. And for the most demanding users, it has a (1) hanger clip that you can put on a strap and hang it around your neck.
This new Bluetooth headset NSP BN400 will literally loosen your hands! With the touch of a single button you can make phone calls, reject an incoming call and redial the last number that called you. You will enjoy excellent performance with loud and clear sound in your music and in your calls with a built-in microphone of top quality for conversations beyond the norm.

Thanks to the Multipoint Dualphone technology it has, it gives you the possibility to connect up to two devices to it at the same time to have both your business and personal phone in one headset. Now you will have both smartphones (or a smartphone and a tablet) with you without constantly connecting/disconnecting your headset.

So do your work and your walks and live the ultimate listening experience with the NSP BN400 enjoying all your entertainment content in the best way as it is comfortable even after long hours of use.
Full set of accessories
In the package of the NSP BN-400 you will find one (1) ear hook, one (1) hanger clip for the neck cord, two (2) different sized silicone pads (Small/Large) to replace them whenever needed , and one (1) Micro USB cable for charging.

The package includes instructions for use in Greek & English.
The neck strap is not included in the package.

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